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PE T410 Temp Probe in OpenManage Server Admin

I have 2 of the above mentioned servers.  When I go into OpenManage Server Admin to check System status, under the Temperature Probe on one server it has CPU1 Temp that reads -55 degrees celcius (there are 2 Xeon CPUs on the server,but only shows?), and it also shows ambient temperature, which appears fine.  On the 2nd server there is no CPU Temp reading at all (2nd server only has 1 Xeon Processor).  I know there is no way the CPU is at -55 Celcius, and I don't understand why it only shows the 1 CPU, and on the 2nd server why it does not show any CPU.  Both systems appear to be fine, and I don't see anywhere to check diagnostics on them from OpenManage.  The server showing -55Celcius is a production server that is accessing 24/7 so taking it down to check something that is not showing any true problems is a big inconvenience for my coworkers.  I dread calling Dell Support, as it is normally an excruciating experience.  Has anyone else seen anything similar to this? 

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