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PowerEdge 2950 and external eSATA: any reliable solutions?

Just been looking thru the server forums about eSATA cards (well, as much as the forum software allows). Are there any reliable solutions? I see one suggestion about using a card with a JMicron controller: does this work?

I've got a half-height PCIe expansion slot.

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If with 'reliable' you mean 'guaranteed'; there are none. Dell hasn't certified any eSATA controllers (they pretty much have only certified those cards they offer/offered in the server when buying one).


This doesn't mean eSATA cards won't work, but some cards work and others don't. This may differ from server model to server model, and may even be different from one bios to another bios.

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Thanks: I could see that from earlier threads. I was just looking for a non-guaranteed solution (which will always be the case if you're fitting third-party stuff).

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