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PowerEdge m1000e won't power on

We just got a used m1000e in, which was tested prior to receiving here.  Our configuration is 1 PSU's.  We don't have 208v here, but we do have 120v Single phase.

We have followed the specification document for power so that the three PSU's each have a 120v Single phase hookup capable of 20amps.

With three PSU's (or 6) hooked up we get ZERO power to the unit.  The PSU's have lights on the back that indicate when their plugged, failed, on.  After plugging in PSU's the green light which indicates the PSU has power supply never turns on.  

Any ideas?  Thanks in advanced! 

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RE: PowerEdge m1000e won't power on


What type of PDU do you have connected? If the LEDs are not lighting up it probably isn’t getting power. What size power supplies are they? The 3000w power supplies require 208v.

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