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Poweredge T105 , Win 7 and Xpmode

I have a particularly complicated set up in order that I can continue to use an old but high quality HP printer from XP. This involves running Win 7 and XP as VM's within Ubuntu12 on a Dell poweredge T105.

I have now learnt win 7 allows XP mode, and therefore (I assume) the XP print drivers I need for the printer. This would allow me to simplfy theset up and reduce the memory load in terms of the number of Op SYs' I have on the machine.
I checked the PC using "Microsoft® Hardware-Assisted Virtualization Detection Tool" and it reported that the processor is not capable of doing so. Knowing I am running windows under emulation I wasn't  confident of the test, so I checked the processor and these sites suggest it does.
Anyone know if this is possible, where i might find out, or how I could test without rebuilding the set up?
Any thoughts or help much appreciated.
Bob S
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RE: Poweredge T105 , Win 7 and Xpmode

Checking the bios setup, there is not a switch to enable\disable virtualization, so by default, it is turned on and will support virtual machines as you have suggested.  Let us know how it works out for you.



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RE: Poweredge T105 , Win 7 and Xpmode

HAV is not passed through to guest OS's (neither is most hardware-specific functionality, as it is emulated as a generic (or compatible) device) ... you can't run XP Mode in a Windows 7 virtual machine, just like you cannot run Hyper-V in a virtual machine.  You would need to install Windows 7 directly on the hardware to run XP Mode.

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