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Upgrade firmware error "not compatible"


We have a PowerEdge 2950 with Perc6/i with 6 HD 750GB and operating systenm Win server 2008 R2 Standard 

we need toredeploy this server, so are prepare to install New 6 HD 2TB 

We have already update, throught win srv installed, bios / perc / etc..

We are trying to install this :

This release contains firmware version KA0A for Seagate SATA (7.2K rpm 3.5 SATA) 500GB, 1TB and 2TB Hard Drives. Dell Part number VGY1F, 8VNWV and 8CGTN. Vendor model number ST32000644NS, ST31000524NS and ST3500514NS.
but still get error "not compatible with your system" ., WHY ?
any idea / suggest ?

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RE: Upgrade firmware error "not compatible"

The firmware updates will only updated drives with Dell firmware. Are they Dell drives or generic/retail?
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