Centos won't boot on T110 II

On a T110 II with dual hdd i have disabled RAID  mode in BIOS and set it to AHCI sata mode.

I have installed Centos and make my on RAID using build in Centos Raid Software. I have created two partitions "/" and "swap" and the installer went fine, but after reboot Centos won't boot, i get only a blank screen with a "_" blink and it is hanging up forever.

Grub was loaded on primary raid partion "/".

Centos is 5.7 x86_64

What is the problem?

Thank you

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Re: Centos won't boot on T110 II

Are there any external devices plugged into the server? IE. Flash drives, external hard drives, backup devices, any media in the optical drive?

Does the system complete POST properly?  And then attempt to load the Linux kernel and that’s when you get the blank screen?

Have you checked the boot order to ensure it is not trying to boot to another device?

Check the NIC to ensure the PXE boot is disabled.

Here are some good walk through on installing CentOS, you can use these just to help ensure the install went well.



Here are some instructions for software RAID setup on CentOS, I would go through these steps to help ensure nothing was skipped, or overlooked.


Maybe try CentOS 6?


Let us know what you find.


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Re: Centos won't boot on T110 II

Were you ever able to resolve this issue?  I've got the same problem.

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