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Need help planning upgrade to T110 II server

I bought a PowerEdge T110 II server in 2011. It has 2x4GB RAM, and 2 1TB SATA drives in RAID 1 via a PERC H200 controller.  It's running fine, but I think that I should replace the hard drives, given their age.  I'd also like to add more RAM.  I'm running ESXi 5.0; after the proposed RAM/HDD upgrades I'd like to upgrade to ESXi 6.7 which I think is the current version. I'm thinking of upgrading to a pair of 2TB SAS drives.

By searching this forum, I've learned that SAS 3.0 drives won't work in a T110 II; so I'll apparently have to go with SAS 2.0 drives instead.  My first (2-part) question is "which 2TB SAS 2.0 drives are compatible with a T110 II and where can I buy them?"

I'm having trouble finding RAM.  I need 1333MHz dual ranked UDIMMs (2x4GB) but the places I've checked don't seem to stock it any more.  So my second question is "where can I buy RAM for a T110 II?"

Finally, I've briefly outlined my proposed migration to ESXi 6.7 below.  Have I got this right, or are there gotchas I need to be aware of?  Maybe someone can point me to a detailed outline.

  • back up all VMs
  • shutdown/power off VMs
  • shutdown/power off T110 II
  • insert new RAM & replace HDDs (with appropriate BIOS changes, if necessary)
  • load ESXi 6.7 via .iso
  • restore VMs on upgraded host
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