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PowerEdge 2600 PCI Device Questions

PowerEdge 2600 PCI Device Questions

1.      What PCI Audio, Video, USB, or Firewire controller cards will work with my system?

2.      What Dell supported PCI cards will work with my system?

3.      What are my system's PCI specifications, and why won't my older PCI cards fit properly?

1.       What PCI audio, video, USB, or Firewire controller cards will work with my system?

Officially, Dell has not validated or tested the installation or configuration of any PCI Audio, Video, USB, Firewire, or Parallel/Serial cards with the PowerEdge 2600 (or, for that matter, with most of the PowerEdge line of servers), and therefore has limited support available for such cards.

PowerEdge 2600 servers are designed purely with server functionality in mind, and are not intended to function in a similar fashion to workstation or desktop systems. For the purposes of file server functionality, however, we have validated and tested certain SCSI and RAID controller cards as well as network controller cards and can provide technical assistance with the configuration and usage of such cards.

2.       What Dell supported PCI cards will work with my system?

Below is a list of validated PCI cards for the PowerEdge 2600 system, preceded by their Dell part numbers.
Click on the controller card to be directed to documentation for that card:

Scsi / Raid Controllers
340-3757      Adaptec AHA-39160 U160 SCSI Controller Card
340-2549      LSI Logic PERC3-DC (Dual Channel) RAID Controller Card
340-2548      LSI Logic PERC3-QC (Dual Channel) RAID Controller Card
340-9626      LSI Logic PERC4-DC (Dual Channel) RAID Controller Card

Network Interface Cards
430-0542      Intel PRO 100s 10/100 with IPSEC Network Interface Card
420-4026      Intel Intel Pro 1000MT 10/100/1000 (copper) Network Interface Card
420-4029      Intel Intel Pro 1000MF 10/100/1000 (fiber) Network Interface Card
430-0562      Intel Intel Pro 1000MT 10/100/1000 (Dual Port copper) Network Interface Card
4R672            Broadcom NetXtreme 10/100/1000 (copper) Network Interface Card

Remote Access Card
313-1461      Dell Remote Assistant Card (ERA/O)

Please note that the contents of the above part numbers are subject to change over time, as is availability of those parts. We recommend contacting our Spare Parts department at 1-800-372-3355 for pricing, availability, and purchasing of all the above parts.

3.       What are my system's PCI specifications, and why won't my older PCI cards fit properly?

The PowerEdge 2600 has 7 PCI slots total

two 64-bit/133MHz PCI-X
four 64-bit/100MHz PCI-X
one 32-bit/33Mhz PCI

The two 64-bit/133Mhz PCI-X slots run on dedicated bus segments improving bandwidth dramatically.

All PCI-X slots are 3.3V-signaling environment compatible and will accept either 3.3 volt PCI and PCI-X cards or Universal PCI cards. These slots accept PCI cards designed for 66Mhz or 33Mhz and will operate in PCI mode at the lowest common frequency for that bus. PCI-X cards may co-exist with PCI cards on a bus and will operate in PCI mode.

The slots will only operate in PCI-X mode if populated exclusively by PCI-X cards.

The single 32/33MHz PCI slot is 5V-signaling environment and will accept either 5V PCI or Universal PCI cards.

PCI-X Technology
PCI-X is an extension of the widely accepted PCI standard for data transfer between CPUs and I/O peripherals and is becoming widely used by manufacturers for speeding the flow of data within servers, storage area networks and network switches.

Additional information on the new PCI and PCI-X standards can be found at various Internet sites through the use of a search engines such as:

Ask Jeeves

While the following link is not officially supported or endorsed by Dell, it does offer more detailed information on the PCI design change:

PCI Technology Overview

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