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Recover MD3000 RAID 5 failure


We recently had a problem with a Dell MD3000 where we have 12 600GB disks on a RAID 5.


First, we observed an error on slot 5, and before having the time to replace it, slot 8 failed also, generating an error on our systems due to the inaccessible storage. Now, we don't have access to the vDisk and we need to know the following:


1- Is it possible to recover the data inside the mentioned RAID5?

2- Will it be enough replacing the disks, or do we need to follow a certain procedure?


Thank you. Kind Regards,


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Re: Recover MD3000 RAID 5 failure

Hello Javier,

With having 2 drives fail in a raid 5 you might be able to recover the data with the use of a data recovery company.  Were either drive that failed showing as predicted failure?  Did you have a hotspare configured or no?  if you replace a drive it most likely won’t start a rebuild due to 2 drives are down.  If you need the data & don’t have a backup then I wouldn’t replace any drives, & I would contact a recovery company to assist in recovering the data.  If you have a vaild backup, then I would replace the drives & restore data to your virtual disk.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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