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Server can't access storage partition

We have a cluster environment with 2 dell 1950 servers  (cluster1 and cluster2) and 1 powervault storage. This storage has 2 virtual disks ( disk 0 280Gb; disk 1 60Gb). The OS used is Windows 2003 Server and the DB is SQL Server 2000. 

After sometime working well, 1 of the servers (cluster1) went down and we had to change the scsi card on this server. Cluster2 continues working well.

We reinstalled the OS and necessary updates on cluster1. Now, we can access the disk 1 (60Gb), but we can't access the disk 0 (280Gb). It appers on windows disk management, but like a unformatted partition. When we try to access it on explorer, windows ask to format it.

Anybody know how to solve this? 

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Re: Server can't access storage partition

When asking questions about cluster setups, it would be handy to know what your shared storage solution is.

Do you have:

- a PV220S (unlikely, but possible)

- an MD3-series (SAS or iSCSI?)

- an Equallogic SAN solution

- a Dell|EMC SAN solution (fiber channel or iSCSI?)

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Re: Server can't access storage partition

I think this might be a windows 2003 problem...

did you have any encryption on the install? Anything that might have caused the disk to be associated with a specific install?

Can you try it from a different system to see if it works? You might be able to backup your data from there if that works...

Googling for Windows 2003 unformatted gives plenty of results....some of them point to utilities that can help recover the data...



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Re: Server can't access storage partition

Tnx for atention,


Dev Mgr:  My storage solution is a PowerVault 220S SCSI



I didn't have any encryption on install.

I can access the storage data from other server (cluster2) and backup it, but, i would like to restore the cluster environment without stop the whole system. 


Tnx again




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