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Precision T7600 & PERC H710P - Supported hard drives

Hello, we are in the process of looking to upgrade the hard drive to a Dell Precision T7600 (circa 2014) with a Perc H710P controller in it. Does anyone have a confirmed list of supported SATA and SSD drive sizes and models? 

In particular, will a 6TB or 8TB drive be recognized by this system? Also looking at a possible 1TB SSD SATA upgrade for the OS volume.

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Re: Precision T7600 & PERC H710P - Supported hard drives


Hi darkog,

The H710p was released before it was possible to get disks of the capacity you mention, however, drives of up to 8GB are known to function without issue. 

There isn't a specific list of supported drives for it I'm afraid, but as long as they meet the criteria outlined in the documentation you should be fine: 

http://downloads.dell.com/manuals/common/rc_h310_h710_h710p_h810_ug_en-us.pdf (page 9)


One thing to be aware of is that if you use non-Dell disks you may get repeated controller messages telling you that the disks aren't Dell disks. It's also possible that non existent errors may be reported and genuine errors may be missed. I would also make sure the firmware is fully up to date before fitting larger capacity disks.

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