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Dear Dell Support team,

I just bought a brand new Precision 7740 few weeks ago. Before that I had Precision 5510 for a few years, and I decided to upgrade. I needed a reliable laptop and saw only good reviews everywhere about this workstation, nobody mentioned any case\body problems.

I bought a good gaming bagpack and I was even more careful and bought a slim laptop case for double protection. The first time I took my laptop out was to airport, I had to flight abroad and when I arrived to a location, I opened the laptop and when the screen was black I noticed that it's not equally black, on the right down side of the screen it was kind of feathered light, which later I was told called "Light Bleeding". Since then past one week and the Light Bleeding expended more. I was amazed to see how fragile and soft the borders around the screen. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO NOTICE: The laptop was always kept safe and wasn't dropped or anything like that.

The workstation itself works great and fast, but it's very annoying to see the screen and I afraid that it will expand more and more.

The reason I write is because I'm not in my country where the laptop was bought, now I'm in Poland for a week and then will go to Argentina for a few months, I'm searching for answers or guidance what to do because I edit on that workstation and cannot stay without him for a long time, because I don't have a replacement. What would you advise me to do?

adding a youtube link that contains stills and video where you can see how fragile it is:


Hope we will find a solution and thank you in advance,

Efim Graboy



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