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Precision 5530 battery replacement

Hello everyone, I would like to change the battery of my Precision 5530. Right now I have the 56Wh battery, but I am looking for the 97Wh one. I couldn't find anywhere an original 97Wh battery for my Precision 5530; however, I found an original battery for the Precision 5520. Is that battery compatible also with my PC? Is there any problem if I use it? 

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Welcome to the Dell Community @Speed_20 

New Dell OEM Original XPS 15 (9560 / 9570) 6-Cell 97Wh Extended Battery - 6GTPY:

Compatible Dell Laptops:

-XPS 15 (9560)

-XPS 15 (9570)

-XPS 15 (7590)

-Precision 5520

-Precision 5530

-Precision 5540

-Vostro 7500

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Thank you for the information! However, I'm from Italy, so I was hoping to find a replacement nearer to me. If I find nothing else, I'll surely order in the website you suggested.


Use the Dell part number 6GTPY to search in your own region.

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