Setting up network scanning with 3115cn

I've just bought a 3115cn and I'm struggling to set up network scanning. It seems incredibly complicated to set up something that is normally so simple. Previously we used a Samsung copier/scanner/fax/printer which came with a wizard to set up a desktop icon which we simply double click to scan documents. Is there nothing that Dell provides or that I can download elsewhere to make this easier? It's like going back to the late 80's when you had to be a technical genius to install anything and I thought we'd moved on from that.

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Re: Setting up network scanning with 3115cn

If you contact Dell technical support, they have comprehensive documentation to help you with setup.

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Re: Setting up network scanning with 3115cn

Hello Andy Pilkington


Welcome to the Dell Community ,I am Yasir from Dell Social medai out reach team .


5 Easy steps to get the network scan working:


  1. Create a folder in C drive with sane SCAN TEST
  2. Turn on Simple File Sharing ( Test Scan > Folder Options >View > enable File sharing option
  3. Share the folder > Share the SCAN TEST folder >Right click >Sharing & Security>Sharing folder on network
  4. Create a Server Address entry from EWS, Open EWS page , Go to address book than server address than got o CREATE as name ADMIN and than you need to fill in some deatils under the server address :                                                          

Name :Wireless Scan Test

Server type : SMB

Server address : Enter computer IP adress

Server Port :139

Share name Smiley Frustratedcan Test\





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