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Dell 2400MP DLP Front Projector - Need part to connect Keyboard to Projector

I was trying to find one part for the Dell 2400MP DLP Front Projector… circa 2007-2008.
As I was taking it apart to clean it… I forgot to disconnect the very fine printed circuit that connects the key pad to the logic boards, and it broke at a very venerable spot.
My question is are there still parts for the unit or do is there a possible replacement for a 24 pin cable.
After trying to put the circuit connector back in the projector I pushed the snap connector to anchor the connector ribbon and then the connector broke on one side.  Now, the actual ribbon connectors on the boards on the projector are rendered broken.
The only alternative is that I purchased a remote and it worked without the connection, so it may be the only way for me to use the projector.
Any ideas of how to fix this back to original condition and working?
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