Bios settings R740xd


i am configuring some new R740xd servers and have some questions about some Bios Settings.

- We use a BOSS card inside these servers (ESXi) and i created a virtual disk for this. Now i am wondering if the BIOS setting "Hard-Disk Failover" is still of any use here because the BOSS drive is already in RAID 1? or should this settings still be set on Enabled? (we boot from the BOSS card).

- there is also a setting "Redundant OS Control" and "redundant OS Location" should this be set also now is this related to the setting above with the BOSS card?

- there is also a PERC controller in the server and one disk, We will not use this disk now so should i set the Slot to Disabled in the BIOS or does that not matter at all.

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PERC H740P vs PERC H740P+

Who knows the difference of these two cards?

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