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Install Linux via kickstart file -PowerEdge R640 -iDRAC 9

I have a whole bunch of servers to install CentOS on, all with the same configuration.  I would like to use the iDRAC (v9) interface to load a custom kickstart file (that points to a local CentOS mirror) and run the install unattended.  I've tried loading the ks file as a floppy and booting from that, but it did not work.

I've tried combining my kickstart file and the CentOS install DVD into a custom iso, but that failed also.

I also tried using Foreman to generate a custom iso, but that did not work either.

There has to be a way to do this - has anyone had any luck doing it this way?


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Re: Install Linux via kickstart file -PowerEdge R640 -iDRAC


What I would look at trying is this: attaching a CentOS .ISO to the iDRAC virtual media, booting the server to the virtual CD/DVD, using escape to reach the terminal, and then pointing to your kickstart file. You could put that kickstart file on the local mirror for simplicity sake. I'm not sure if the CentOS installation environment would mount the iDRAC's virtual floppy or not.

You mentioned booting from virtual floppy in your post, but reviewing the iDRAC manual indicates that it's supported storage media are floppy images and CD/DVD images.

iDRAC manual: https://topics-cdn.dell.com/pdf/idrac9-lifecycle-controller-v3212121_users-guide_en-us.pdf
iDRAC manual page: http://www.dell.com/idracmanuals

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