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Power Edge R630 "Reboot Loop" Problem

Hi all,

we have 2 DELL Power Edge R630 with Prosupport and VmWare ESXi 6.7.

One of the two server rebooted without any specific log 1 month ago; there were no specific log or alert on the iDRAC.

DELL changed MB, PSU, Riser Card, so basically everything exept CPU , RAM and SD controller.


The problem is: the server is only working fine outside the rack or better if we cover the "grid" on the top back of the server it still start to reboot and goes into "reboot loop" which requires an hard reset.

If we keep it outside the rack or better with this grid "free" it works without issue.

The server room is cooled with 2 AC and we have many other hardware devices working without issue.

DELL isnow checking for a "server swap" but I'm wondering if someone else encoutered this issue.




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if the issue is already managed by our technical support I don't have other suggestion to give. Let's see if other customer had the same issue.


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