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R730XD Possible Motherboard, iDRAC, Fan Issue

Hi all,

I picked up a used R730XD last week and have been going through configuring/updating things and have run into some odd issues with this server.  I could not get the virtual console to display anything.  It would load up on both the java and html5 version but show "No Signal".  Additionally, there were some weird issues with the iDRAC web interface.  It was very sluggish initially and also the system performance and power meter displays were not showing the correct background.  Lastly, the fans were running 100% all the time regardless of the server load.  I could manually lower the fans with IPMI commands, but in auto mode they would stay running all the time.

In my troubleshooting process I noticed that the Lifecycle controller firmware stated  So I reflashed the iDRAC controller firmware and that brought back the correct displays for the system performance and power meter displays.  Additionally, I drained the flea power from the server and restarted it.  After those two things the virtual console was working properly and the fans were working properly in auto mode.

I got everything updated last night and then powered off the server for the night.  When I powered on the server this morning the fans kicked on at 100% and the virtual console issues returned.  I am able to connect, but it just says "No Signal".

Does anyone have any thoughts on the possible issue?  Does this sound like a motherboard issue?  If I replace the motherboard will that change the service tag?  Is the iDRAC built into the motherboard or a separate component?


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I received the replacement internal dual SD module and the behavior is the same.  So it appears to be a motherboard issue.  However, it's very strange that I don't have any issues/concerns with the dual SD module removed.  Since I don't use the SD module I'm tempted just to leave it out and use it as is vs. spending more money.




Hi @Legacy777,


The Dual SD module is mainly used for OS solutions. If you don't use it, you can remove the card and leave it out. 

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Thanks for the reply and yeah that's what I'm leaning towards.  I don't currently have any issues with the Dual SD module removed so will leave it out and use the server as is.  If I have any future issues I at least have a good idea that the problem is the motherboard.


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