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RecoverPoint for VMs 5.3 Resources

Hi all,

I thought it would be good to share some resources for RP4VMs 5.3 which was recently released.

5.3 features:

1) HTML-5 plugin (vSphere 6.7U1 and later)

2) Modern RESTful API

3) vSphere 7.0 support

4) NSX-T and NVMe controller support

5) Shared Disk support



1) SW and Documentation:

2) RecoverPoint for VMs 5.3 – Interactive Demo

3) RecoverPoint for VMs 5.3 – Deployment and Protection Demo

4) RecoverPoint for VMs 5.3 – Simple Protection Demo

5) RecoverPoint for VMs 5.3 – Advanced Protection Demo

6) RecoverPoint for VMs 5.3 – Recovery and Orchestration Demo

7) RecoverPoint for VMs 5.3 – New RESTful API – Specific Resources

a. RecoverPoint for VMs GitHub Repo (Postman Collection and Protect Script):

b.RecoverPoint for VMs 5.3 – New RESTful API Demo

c. Online API Documentation, including examples –


Hope that helps,




Idan Kentor
Tech Staff Product Engineer - Data Protection
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Hi Idan,

i dont see the security guide for 5.3. can you share it ?


Dell Technologies

It would be released by EOM. The Recoverpoint for VMs product page on would have the document then.

Idan Kentor
Tech Staff Product Engineer - Data Protection
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Hi Idan, will you know if it is posible to configure an automatic failover? 


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