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SQL 2005/2008 Module - user role


  • Windows 2008 Standard
  • SQL 2005 Standard - Windows Authentication Mode
  • AutoStart 5.3 SP3 with SQL 2005 Module

I know, the module monitors SQL Services and specific databases.  I am not 100% clear on what Startup SACN or Startup ReSACN do, but i know it does something with setting the Alias name to SQL.

The question is: The Windows Domain User Account I am using is a local admin the the server and a sysadmin in SQL.  My DBAs would like to restrict this user as much as possible while keeping the module operational so what is the minimum required role I can give this user without taking away functionality to manage the SQL module?

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Re: SQL 2005/2008 Module - user role


What does the account of Module Instance set.

Module Instance -- settings -- Login info account

Do you want to limit this account more?

I explain Startup SACN.

When the service of SQLServer and SQLAgent starts, it is started by the Alias name.

This does a good working to do the cluster.


* The flow of the change in the computer name is shown.

Node1 --- SRV1

Node2 --- SRV2

Alias --- SRV3

Virtual IP-------------------------------SRV2

alias SRV3----------------------------SRV2

mirror data-----------------------------SRV2

StartupSacn ---> Changing the active computer name


Agent service-------------------------SRV3

StartupResacn ---> Returned to physics host name
After Agent service start----------SRV2

Please look at SYSTEM Log and SQLServerLog(Application Log) about this evidence.




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