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Accessing another element's attribute within a model file

Hi all, I am attempting to do the following:

event somethingHappened = ClassName(localRelation)->ClassAttribute == 2

I.e. I want an event to fire whenever another model object related via a relationship has an attribute value of "2" for example.

Anyone know how to achieve such a thing? I get an error that "ClassName is not of type MR_Object"

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Re: Accessing another element's attribute within a model file

Hi Les,

if I understand what you want to acheive, you can:
(1) use a propagated attribute to propagate the ClassAttribute of ClassName to the other object,
(2) make your event use the propagated attribute.

Something like:
interface A
attribute short thisAttribute;
relationship relationAToB, B, relationBToA;

interface B
propagate attribute short thisAttributeFromA = A, relationBToA, thisAttribute;
relationship relationBToA, A, relationAToB;

Note: I did not compile this, look at the MODEL pdf file to use the right syntax.
To consider:
- if you are using a relationshipset, you have to use an aggregate operator for thisAttributeFromA,
- maybe the event is a symptom, and the symptom propagates itself, so you may consider using a symptom in A which propagates to B... depending of the nature of your model.

Hope this helps,


Frederic Meunier
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Re: Accessing another element's attribute within a model file

Propagate only works for integer and boolean type of attributes, but doesn't work for string.

How to handle the string attribute then ?

I am currently having some issues and still struggling here.

Any advise would be much appreciated.



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