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Associating events in dynamic modeling


I am using IP/APM as the underlying domain manager, but have some constraints in discovering or polling the network. So I am modeling the devices based on the inventory feed.
But I am facing issues in associating the events. Say my sample network looks like the following.

Router 1 <-> Router 2 <-> Router 3

If I enable discovery/polling, events in Router 3 is associated to the corresponding problems in Router 1. I mean that, if Router 3 is unresponsive and if the corresponding Port in Router 1 is down, then the Router 3's unresponsive event is "Caused By" the Port Down of the Router 1.

However if the polling/discovery is not enabled and the objects states are set based on SNMP traps and external polling, this kind of association is not happening.
Is there any way by which we can educate SMARTS IP/APM on the direction so that the events are associated?

Thanks in anticipation.

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