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Seperating Hosts Partitions from Network equipment


We have Smarts 9.2 running and we would like to seperate the Hosts based partitions from network(ex. routers,switches,firewalls..) from the console view. Basically Hosts based partitions shows as "ConsistsOf.." only Hosts. I'm thinking maybe a script that is attached to escalation policy could do the job. then get the script to add a value to userDefined field (ex."Host Partition") then filter out these from the network team's view.

My question would be how to get the script to exctract the "ConsistsOf" values? I considering fixing the partition.conf file but then what if a new partition come up? We will get an alert until it is fixed in the partition.conf file.

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Re: Seperating Hosts Partitions from Network equipment


I understand that you are looking for a way to filter out "ConsistsOf" values?  Are you wanting to filter out from the Topology console or SAM Notification console?

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