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ATA boy

My Dimension 3100 has run out of room. I want to move to a 320 gig SATA drive. This is slightly above my pay grade. I have ATA storage controllers, according to Device Manager. Is this doable, without any other new hardware? How difficult is transfering my data to the new disk? Will it require a new power supply?

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Re: ATA boy

Hi, Lloyd:

You could either add a second drive or replace your existing drive. If your operating system is still running relatively well, I would go with the first option.

Here are the installation instructions. The only setting you need to fiddle with is the BIOS. After you physically install the drive, boot to the BIOS, F2, and switch SATA 1 to ON. That'll be your new drive. Then boot to Windows and use Disk Management to partition and format the drive.

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