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Blue Screen of Death on a Cloned SSD - Nov 2015 Build Inspiron i3847

I have a November 2015 build Dell Inspiron i3847 with a 1TB SATA HDD and Windows 7 Professional Native on it.

The extra joy is that the "recovery" / "reinstall" disk provided from Dell is labeled Windows 8.1, not Windows 7 Pro

I bought the Crucial MX200 500GB SSD

I downloaded the Acronis 2015 HD cloning software provided from Crucial and cloned the C drive to the uninitiaited SSD.  Acronis ran with no errors.

As others have posted about on the net, once the HDD is taken out and the SSD is installed, I get the bluescreen of death almost immediately upon windows boot up (login screen, but if I move fast enough I can get part way into the OS load and windows environment if I'm speedy typing).

From someone who coincidentally also had a 500GB SSD and an i3847, I saw the recommendation to re-clone.

I swapped in the 1TB HDD and put the SSD in as slave/secondary(whatever).  The SSD showed as an initiated drive to windows and it was plopped in as "Drive E:" after the DVD Drive 😧

OK, so I reclone.

Same issue.  Swap out the HDD with the SSD and blue screen of death again almost instantly.  It is the same 0x0000001E error as others have had.

So, considering it is "Windows 7 Professional" and I have received a "Windows 8.1" disk from Dell, I can't re-install the OS on the SSD, and I can't "repair" the windows 7 Pro on the SSD with the Windows 8.1 disk.

Any more help out there?

Oh - I have to boot off Legacy as UEFI won't even recognize the 1TB HDD.  Also, I have gone into BIOS and ensured it is set to AHCI.

I will also note that if I change the BIOS to make the primary HDD P0 as HDD1 for boot, then make the SSD P1 as second HDD for boot, that it will also BSOD.

I have to ensure that the bios is Legacy and only P0 is the 1TB HDD and no other HDD for booting so it will not BSOD on me.

Also, this is not a RAID configuration.  These are 2 single drives - 1TB HDD and 500GB SSD.  I just want to cloned drive to work and not BSOD. (I plan on sticking the 1TB back in and using it as drive #2 once the SSD is bootable and stable)



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RE: Blue Screen of Death on a Cloned SSD - Nov 2015 Build Inspiron i3847

Is Acronis cloning by stripping out the drivers for a hardware-independent restore? If so, it may be stripping out the storage drivers ... but without addressing the error itself:

Any "retail" or Dell OEM Windows 7 Pro disc will work to repair or install.

You could also just install Windows 10 Pro.

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