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Hard Drive Failed - Need to Recover Data

I don't remember the code but it said cannot locate hard drive or something like that. XPS 8300, Windows 7 Premium, Samsung HD103SJ, shipped 3-31-2011. Took it to a PC repair place for 6 days and he could not read or retrieve the data. Said it would be at least $1k to recover. Warranty is expired, no backup, any suggestions or recommendations? Could the circuit board be bad? Does Dell do data recovery?

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Try it yourself using a bootable Linux Live USB. Follow my instructions here:

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It could be any number of things -- and if a professional couldn't access the data, a dedicated data recovery service is indeed likely the only option.  Dell uses Gillware (<<>>) -- for data recovery.  Expect the estimate you were given to be a baseline for a basic recovery.

They'll provide a no-cost recovery estimate but as noted, data recovery services are not inexpensive.

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Second time I heard that. Thanks.

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Asking you to pay a thousand dollars to recover hard drive data is atrocities. I really hope that you didn't believe in it, and didn't give him a thousand dollars. You have been deceived, and recovering hard drive data does not require that much money, there are a lot of good and cheap data recovery tools out there.

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