NTLDR is missing

I am unable to boot up my Dimension 3000 Desktop past the www.dell.com screen.  All I know is the kids were on the computer and they will not say what is wrong.    Well on this screen three things show up.
1.  Loading PBR for descriptor 2... done.
2. NTLDR is missing
 Then is it goes to the dell dimension 3000 loading screen where F2 Setup and F12 Boot Menu is.  beyond doing the test on the Boot menu which all come up as pass.  it goes back to the www.dell.com screen.  I can not get it pass this.
I have read that when that message comes up it is because there is nonbooting disks in the drives but I have check and there was none at all.  Both drives were empty.  If anyone has had this problem and had fixed it please let me know how please. 
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Re: NTLDR is missing

Hi Maria--
When the NTLDR missing error comes up, it means that a major folder containing part of the boot loading mechanism for the Windows operating systems is corrupt or missing.  Think trying to go up an elevator when none of its motor mechanisms are running or whatever raises it is broken.
It would have helped me to know whether you are using XP or Vista on that box (you didn't say), and depending on the age of those kids, MSFT has ways to protect you from having NTLDR deleted if that's what they managed to do.
I assume although you did not say, that you're getting a BSOD or a Blue Screen and can't boot to your OS--is that correct?
MSFT has an involved MSKB that I think is really bad for the NTLDR Missing situation in XP because it involves the Recovery Console and is often unsuccessful and takes a good while.  I can fix it much faster. 
For academics' sake here's their goofy MSKB:
You receive an "NTLDR is missing" error message when you start your computer
It's amazing to see how many lemmings on the web involve the recovery console wasting a lot of time to fix this.  Here's an example of that:
How to Fix NTLDR Missing (Don't Use)
This is another way to fix that is successful, but my way is much faster and more efficient:
Here's how to fix this fast:
If this is an XP Situation, I'd do a repair install from the XP CD?  Is it XP?  Do you have an XP CD? You leave me guessing.
You do the repair install this way, and it will repair/replace NTLDR which is an essential file that helps boot the OS.
Perform a Repair Installation
If you're using Vista, and have the Vista DVD,  you can use Startup Repair this way:
***Startup Repair from the Vista DVD***

How to Use The Vista DVD to Repair Vista (Startup Repair is misnamed by theWin RE team and it can be used to fix many Vista components even when you***can boot to Vista):


If you elect to run Startup repair from the Vista DVD (it can fix majorcomponents in Vista--I've verified this many many times; it's good for more than startup problems, and the Win RE team was simply wrong when they named it, not understanding its full functionality):

Startup Repair will look like this when you put in the Vista DVD:


You run the startup repair tool this way (and system restore from here is also sometimes effective):


How To Run Startup Repair In Vista Ultimate (Multiple Screenshots)

 It will automatically take you to this on your screen:


That will allow you to go to the Vista setup that has a Repair link on the lower left corner>click it and then you'll see a gray backgrounded list and I want you to click Startup Repair from it and follow the directions.

The gray screen after you click the first link in the above pic will looklike this:


Click Startup Repair, the link at the top and after it scans>click OK and let it try to repair Vista.  It will tell you if it does, and  if it
doesn't, try System Restore from the Recovery Link on the DVD. If thesedon't work booting into Safe Mode by tapping the F8 key and using System Restore from one of the safe modes besides VGA may work.  That means youhave the option to try 4 different safe modes to get to system restore, (onefrom the Recovery link on the DVD) and sometimes one will work when theothers won't.
If you don't have an XP CD or a Vista DVD, depending on your OS you can use System Restore via one of the Safe Modes at the F8 menu--here's how:
***Using the F8 Environment***

***Taking Full Advantage of the F8 Options (Windows Advanced Options Menu) by starting the PC and tapping  F8 once per second when the firmware screenwith the pc manufacturer's name shows a few seconds after restarting***:

The F8 options in Vista are the same as XP, and the link for Safe Mode Boot options is labled XP by MSFT but they are the same for Vista (they haven't updated to add Vista to the title as they have with several MSKBs that apply to both).

Again, pressing F8 repeatedly when you seem the firmware screen may be is a generic way to launch Windows RE on some OEM Vista computers.

You could also:

Think: I have 4 different ways to get back my XP at F8 and try 'em in order.
1) Safe Mode 2) Safe Mode with Cmd to Sys Restore which is simply a cmd prompt in safe mode 3) Safe Mode with Neworking 4) LKG or Last Known Good

Try to F8 to the Windows Adv Options Menu>try 3 safe modes there (I don'tuse WGA) and Last Known Good>then I go to Win RE in Vista.  That gives you a choice of Safe Mode, Safe Mode with Networking,and Safe Mode with Command

These methods are outlined in

A description of the Safe Mode Boot options in Windows XP/and Vista

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding System Restore  from MSFT:


System Restore can be run from the Win RE recovery environment from the samelink as Startup Repair, and sometimes it will work from one F8 safe modelocation or from the Win Recovery Environment when it won't work from other

How to start the System Restore tool at a command prompt in Windows XP


Good luck,

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Re: NTLDR is missing


See if the discussion here helps.


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Re: NTLDR is missing

Sometimes the answer is the most obvious.
Make sure there isn't a Floppy Diskette in Drive A: if you have a floppy drive.  If there is one, take it out, reboot.

Donald K

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Re: NTLDR is missing

My laptop has just done the same thing. I have followed recommendations listed on this thread (I think), but was not successful.

Here are the details:

- The laptop is a Dell Inspiron 6000, purchased in January 2006. I am using XP Home SP2.

- When I turn the computer on, I get a black background window with a blue background stripe at the top where "www.dell.com" is displayed. The following is displayed: " Loading PBR 2...done" then "NTLDR is missing" then "Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart".

I changed the bios to boot from the CD drive and loaded the Windows OS backup CD (I copied the OS on this CD when prompted when I first purchased the laptop). "Press any key to boot from CD...". Once I do that nothing happens.

I separately downloaded WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-ENU, copied on a CD and tried to load that. No luck either.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


-- JP7


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