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TB16 with Latitude 7400

. I am using Latitude 7400 notebook with TB16.
Once, I disconnected my notebook and left my office, it will not be able boot up from the TB16 anymore.
I will have to connect TB16 and boot up from the notebook with lid open and punch in my window log in password. After this, if i shut down window and restart from the TB16 without disconnect the USB C cabinet, then it is possible to boot directly from TB16
I have called up Dell support, they have also remotely log into my notebook to update all the BIOS, Firmware update available from their support website and the result still the same.
Dell has also email and ask me to change various setting on the BIOS. It seem to me that Dell has no clue what is going on and just simply trial and error with me.
Honestly, with this TB16 it is not working as a docking station. I can easily connect my external monitor, keyboard and still able to do the same function as this unless TB16.

Wasted my time and SGD400+ for this TB16.


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Re: TB16 with Latitude 7400

Hello Vincent,

Thank you for writing on Dell Community Forum. Correct me if I have not understood this right. You disconnect the TB 16 dock from the system and close the notebook to leave from office. When you connect it the notebook back to same TB 16 dock later, the notebook does not respond to any of the peripheral connected to the dock and the only way to get it to work is to use the system screen and keyboard to start up again. Is that right? For me to review the troubleshooting steps already performed by our Technical Support team, I would request you to private message me the system tag or the service request number. 

To private message me, click on my user name. Look for contact me on the right hand side of my profile page.

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