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WD External Drive

Hi Osprey4:

I might have asked this some time ago, but can't find anything now. I have been doing a lot of rearranging and deleting a lot of various file off my hard drive. I leave the WD backup disconnected most of the time, because it has to sit on top of the tower. When I do hook it up again, will it delete and/or add all the changes I have made just like my HD does. Or if I decide to just start over, can I delete all the stuff I have on the WD drive and let it backup my HD when I get it all the old and obsolete files cleaned up. Thanks again for your help.

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Re: WD External Drive

Hi Osprey4,

The Western Digital software that comes with the external hard drive manages the backup n restore procedure. This is a Sync software and thus, any changes made on the computer reflects on the External hard drive.

Example: If you add or delete data from the computer it automatically replicates the changes to the external hard drive, whenever you connect the external hard drive.  

Yes you can delete files from the external hard drive as you please to delete the old and obsolete files.  

Thanks & Regards
Rakesh R

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Re: WD External Drive

Hi Dalem29,

I'll add to Dell-Rakesh Ro's reply that there is no problem keeping your external drive disconnected most of the time. I keep an external drive just for a complete system drive backup, but only connect it once a month or so. For my daily file backups, I use a second internal drive.

Happy to help with any further questions.

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