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Windows Boot Manager error message


I downloaded this (below) to try and solve the error that appeared.


While using the samsung data migration tool (I was trying to clone my HDD to my SSD), it said it couldn't clone due to some error or something. It recommended to stop something about about that started with Windows--- (something else) and another one starting with Volume--- (something else). I stopped both as it was recommended and clicked yes on something that appeared afterwards. Now I'm boot cycling and I entered the BIOS to stop it. I HAVE NO ACCESS TO THE COMPUTER, when it tries to boot the error appears.


I don't know what to do. I really need help.

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RE: Windows Boot Manager error message

Maybe it would be more helpful if you explain your question clear. Did you get the error after cloning? Can you still boot from the old HDD? If you get the error after cloning, it might be the problem of SSD or cloning software. Check if the SSD is suitable for your computer. And boot with your old hard drive.

If you cannot boot from the old hard drive, check if the BCD is damaged or lost. Because you cannot load the OS when the bootmgr is missing.

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