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error code 2000-0151

Hi I am a Dell user. I have 1564 Inspiron, right now not in warranty. Lately I  faced blue screen of death, when restarted, Dell logo appears and later a blank screen! On restarting and pressing F12, with the Pre boot system assessment, I discovered its error code 2000-0151.

I do face a cracking noise from the disk. Any possible solutions??? 

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Yes I know, is old thread but could be useful for other users.

I can confirm that you have to change your hard drive.

I'm facing the same issue with Optiplex 990... Same noise and same error code. I called Dell support and tomorrow I will receive the new hard drive.

I'm also testing the hard drive with SeaTools for windows and No error during SMART test but at the end didn't finish basic test. 

Here the error code list and the relative fix:



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Hi nrjensen,

Welcome to the community

It’s unfortunate that the system is not booting up to windows. The error code 2000-0151 points towards the bad hard drive and you must consider replacing it.  

Please let me know if your system is under warranty. I should be able to help you with it.

Glad to be of assistance.

Ravi Mohindroo

Social Outreach Professional

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i have the same problem with Dell Inspiron 1090, system doesnt boot at all. When start i pressed F12 and run diagnostic it shows

Error Cod: 0151

Msg Error Code 2000-1051

Hard Drive 1: Incorrect Status

when done further memory test, it shows no more errors and says test results pass

My system is out of warrenty. Please help me

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Even if your system is out of warranty you can still call Dell to purchase a replacement drive.   Did you have all your data backed up?

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yes i got the data from DOS Prompt  from advanced options.  

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Hi Adeela,

Good to hear you've got your data backed up. Just a follow-up comment, since your system is no longer under warranty, you are free to purchase a replacement drive anywhere. Your PC takes any standard 2.5" laptop SATA hard drive.

Here is the replacement procedure <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>.

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I am getting the same error, can u please let me the procedure to take backup.

It would be really great if i get my data back. I have contacted Seagate support but no luck.

Currently my hard disk is detecting, I mean i can not see the available space or disk information in Device manager, Used few tools but no luck.


Sathya Prakash.

Dell Technologies

Hi sathyaprakash,

Please elaborate the issue and answer the below questions:

  • If diagnostics display Error code 2000-0151, did you reseat the hard drive in the system?
  • Is the system booting into windows?
  • Are you trying to connect an external hard drive, which is not getting detected in device manager?

Please reply for further assistance.

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Hi Nikhil,

Thanks for responding to my post!!

Removed the hard disk from my dell laptop and i had tried to connect from another laptop. In device manager it showing that another disk is inserted but the capacity is unknown. I have tried from command prompt also got this error message" cyclic redundancy error".

Please suggest me with to take backup.

Many Thanks in advance.


Sathya Prakash.

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Hi All,

If a hard disk is having this error, is it possible to take backup??

Dell is manufacturing  laptops with faulty hard disk and not providing any support. When i contacted Hard disk manufacturer they replied they won't support.. I do not have lot money to spend on back up data.

Anybody help me with the steps to take backup.



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