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sending file from pc to flash drive

I have some files on my computer that I want to send to a flash drive. I go through the steps on the screen where it asks where to send it and it seems like it is going but when I try to open the flash drive on my sewing machine it is blank. I am an amatuer for sure

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Re: sending file from pc to flash drive

mabie try to format it.right click the drive (make sure it is the right one!)then click format,i like to leave it as the default but mabie your sewing machine might use a different format

what kind of machine (model #) is it i well look it up for you.

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Re: sending file from pc to flash drive

With the pendrive plugged in and being recognised (it should have its own icon and drive letter), you should be able to select it as the destination device/location in 'Send To'?

But since 'Send To' doesn't appear to be working, have you tried to copy/paste the files from the computer to the pendrive instead?


"Teaching you to *** eggs" springs to mind here, but anyway:   Right-click whatever files you want to copy to the pendrive, and select 'Copy', then just right-click on the pendrive icon, and select 'Paste'?

Now open the pendrive again, and check if that option worked?

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