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SRM -- File Capacity Reports


I am trying to configuring reports for the VNX file pool capacity via SRM.  Unfortunately the values what I see in Unisphere while logging in to the array does not match the report I generate in SRM.

The report can be found in ALL-->Explore-->Storage-->More Reports --> File Capcity.

For example

In Unisphere, the when I try extending a file system and click extend. I see the available file system size as in this case 18.8 TB

but in SRM under the  report for file capcity it reflects as 8557.08 under the colum FIle ystem free (GB)

when I edit the report the Free System Free colum has the following value

name=='FreeCapacity' Free

All  I am trying to do is to get the total file pool size and available pool size.

Any help will be appreciated.

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