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What's EMC Control Center??

I need to know what's ECC exactly

is this a managemnet software other than Navisphere

or like NAvisphere

I or it;s a software that can be integrated with Navisphere

I mean that it is a collection of installation packages

Thanks in advance

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it's a huge package that can do soo many things ..not just manage storage arrays. It's not free of course

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This is a management software. Whit the help of ECC we can manage different kind of storage and can perform masking also.It is very help tool.




Thanks for your help

but I need to know

Is it stand alone sofware  or it is a package that can be added to the Navisphere ?

and how can I get it ? is it free or need to be purchased ?

and is it software exactly like Navisphere that can replace the Navisphere or it has other functions than Navisphere ?

Thanks in Advance


it's a huge package that can do soo many things ..not just manage storage arrays. It's not free of course


EMC Control Center (ECC) is what we know as the mother of all Storage Management software. While you can use Navisphere to manage CLARiiON storage, you can also have ECC connnect directly to CLARiiON storage and perform simple storage provision activites, among other functionalities.

It is very different from Navisphere and has it's own quirks and other functionality. You can have it manage other storage lik Symmetrix, Celerra, HDS, NetApps etc - although except for Symmetrix you are limited to rather basic storage provision / management features compared to using natively available management tools.

However what ECC excels in is apart from having a single user interface to manage them all - Storage, SAN Switches, Backups, is the Notifications and Alerts features. There are other add-ins like StorageScope which provides excellent storage related reporting features, performance monitoring and reporting, and then some.

The software is not normally free - unless you are a very big EMC user. Installation is not very straightforward, and it is a very involved subject and requires quite a lot of expertise to get the server up and running.

That said I am looking around for the software download for this product. My company has all the license, but nobody seems to have the installation package.


Home > Support > Software Downloads and Licensing > Downloads C > ControlCenter 6.x

if yo don't the files there, you will need to get in touch with PowerLink support to modify your profile.


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Hi Guys,

  What is basic diffrence between ECC, SMC and Unisphere?

Also, what version you are using of these 3

Please share the differnce between DMX, Symmetrix and VMAX too

Unable to understand.

please share the links to go through to understand



ECC (end of life by the way) used to be used to manage the entire storage infrastructure. You could use it to manage switches, storage (FC arrays, CAS ..etc). You could also deploy host agents to collect statistics etc.

Unipshere for VMAX and its predecessor SMC are used strictly to manage Symmetrix/VMAX storage arrays.

Use  support by product to download applicable documentation

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Hi Dynamox,

please let me know what are the services we need to run to work ECC properly. we have ECC installed and we don't have support and we are not receiving alerts, please could you help me out.

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