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XPS13 Killer "Code 10" - no network found

I am really unhappy with my Dell purchase (XPS13 9310). Network problems are turning my brandnew XPS13 useless (device manager: Killer WIFI6 AX500 DBS adapter: Code 10 error).

Buying a new laptop entitles me to a working device, thats what I thought.

Right after receiving the brandnew XPS, I did all the Windows Updates - which was unterrupted due to the problem:

No network at all found (there are plenty of networks here). Device Manager shows Killer Wi-Fi 6 AX500 DBS Adapter not working (Code 10)
I tried everything: Downloading (from my Desktop PC with network...) and installing other Network Drivers from, setting back Windows 10.
After a night of trial and error: I got the networks back.

Dell SupportAssist downloaded the newest Updates.
SupportAssist installed the network driver Killer 1650/1675 Wi-Fi Conroller Driver - A20 - and after doing so, my XPS lost all networks again, Device Manager shows Killer Wi-Fi 6 AX500 DBS Adapter not working (Code 10).

Installing "Killer-500-Wi-Fi-UWD-Driver_944K4_WIN_1.0.0.1428_A05_01" did it, the XPS found the network.


a few days later, after having closed the XPS for a few hours, opening it again: No network!

What is that, Dell? I am really very, very disappointed.

(Re)installing these drivers did not help:

I want this problem fixed on a permanent basis.

Having a brandnew, expensive Dell laptop (with a network problem), there is no way to conact the Dell Support online (I tried hard with my PC, which has no network problem), I have to do it through this public forum. Not good at all, Dell.

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