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How to make Support Assist (recovery) forget WiFi credentials

When launching Support Assist recovery from boot/BIOS it automatically connects to the WiFi that was in effect from Windows 10.  It has saved the WiFi password, and I can view the password.

I want to pass my laptop on to someone else now, and need to have this password cleared/removed from Support Assist.  How do I do this?  There doesn't seem to be a forget or remove function.

In Windows I deleted all WiFi connections.  Also made sure they're no longer listed in the registry.  When running the Support Assist app from Windows there isn't an option there either.



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No response received

We tried reaching you on a private message asking for the Service Tag number to ascertain the warranty but did not receive a response. Please feel free to reply to the private message whenever you are available.

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Re: No response received


Control panel shows these versions:

  • Dell Command | Update for Windows 10 v4.1.0
  • Dell Support Assist Remediation v5.3.2.13868
  • Dell Update - Support Assist Update Plugin v5.2.1.12926
  • Dell Support Assist v3.8.1.23

All updates are applied, incl BIOS.

This is an XPS 9560, though I suspect the 'issue' applies to any recent Dell laptop.  Our team uses 7590 and 9575 models too, but I haven't had a chance to check those yet.


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