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Automating CCTK with WinPE

I am attempting to use Command | Configure to boot from a WinPE iso and have the BIOS changes automated. I have been working on this for days with no luck. I currently am able to run "cctk_x86_64_winpe_10.bat c:\winpe c:\progra~2\Dell\Comman~1" which will give me an ISO with the cctk that I put into the x86_64 folder prior to running the command.

The ISO boots fine but it brings me to a command line where I have to manually type in "cctk.exe -i XE2.cctk" for it to change the BIOS settings. Reading on WinPE it appears as though the C:\Windows\System32\Startnet.cmd file is how you automate things. I would essentially like to add the "cctk.exe -i XE2.cctk" into this file but I don't know how to modify it once the ISO is built.

Looking at the cctk_x86_64_winpe_10.bat script I see that section 6 says "Add the Services" and appears to be what is written into the startnet.cmd file so I tried adding "echo X:\Command_Configure\X86_64\cctk.exe -i XE2.cctk %STARTNET% " into the bottom of this section but it didn't work.

Can someone explain to me how I can either modify the cctk_x86_64_winpe_10.bat file so that it includes the cctk.exe -i section, or how to modify the Startnet.cmd file once I already have the ISO?

Please note that once my ISO boots and I'm at the cmd line I can type in "cctk.exe -i XE2.cctk" and it works just fine, so my files are in the correct location, I just want this automated.

Any help is greatly appreciated. I have been working on getting this far for 2 days and I feel like I'm stuck at the last step. Thank you in advance!

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Re: Automating CCTK with WinPE

I figured this out. I was missing the >> symbol. 



"echo X:\Command_Configure\X86_64\cctk.exe -i XE2.cctk %STARTNET% "

Should have been this:

"echo X:\Command_Configure\X86_64\cctk.exe -i XE2.cctk >> %STARTNET% "

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