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Installing Open Manage on PowerEdge T710 running VMware 4.1

I need to install open manage on my ESX 4.1 server. I've downloaded the Zip file to the server running vsphere. I then put the ESX server into maintenance mode. I have the VMware vsphere CLI installed on the server running vsphere. I run the following command on the pc running vsphere:

C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\VMware vSphere CLI\bin> --server 19 --install --bundle c:\users\vmmgr\downloads\OM-SrvAdmin-Dell-Web-7.4.0

It then asks me to login to esx so I do that. It then tells me that it is applying update and then gives me the following error:

There was an error resolving dependencies.

  No VIB provides '' (required by cross_dell-openmanage-esxi_7


Any thoughts on why I can't install open manage?? I am running ESX 4.1

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RE: Installing Open Manage on PowerEdge T710 running VMware 4.1


Here is a walkthrough to assist you with using OMSA with ESXi

Installing OpenManage Server Administrator on ESXi 4.1

 Overall instructions:

  1. Install Offline VIB Bundle
  2. Enable CIM OEM Providers option
  3. Install OpenManage (OMSA) Web Services on a Windows machine.



Installing Offline VIB Bundle


  1. Check to make sure ESXi 4.1 is a the most current.
  2. Log onto a Windows machine on the same network.
  3. Type in the IP of the ESXi server in a Internet Explorer window. That should bring up the below screen:
    1.  Download either the VI Remote CLI tool, or the VIC (Virtual Infrastructure Client). Those tools can be downloaded right there from the webpage that comes up.
    Download the Dell OpenManage Offline Bundle and VIB for ESXi 4.1
  4. Install the offline VIB bundle
    1. Using vSphere CLI:

                          i.     Copy the file to a directory                                    on your system.

                         ii.     If you are using Microsoft Windows, navigate to the folder where you have installed                                    the vSphere CLI utilities to execute the command mentioned in step 4. If you are                                        using Linux, the command is installed when you install the vSphere CLI RPM.

                         iii.     Shut down all guest operating systems on the ESXi host and put in maintenance                                         mode.

                         iv.     Execute the following command:

  1. vihostupdate --server <IP address of ESXi 4 host> -i -b<path to Dell OpenManage file>
    1. Example: vihostupdate –server –I –b C:\

                                  v.     Enter the root username and password when prompted.

                                  vi.     The command output displays a successful or a failed update.

                                  vii.     Restart the ESXi 4.1 host system.

                                  viii.     When you run the command, the following components are                                                                           installed on your system:

  1. Server Administrator Instrumentation Service
  2. Remote Enablement
  3. Server Administrator Storage Management
  4. Remote Access Controller



Enabling CIM OEM Providers


  1. Enable the OEM provider:
    1. Choose the Configuration tab on the host through the VIC.
    2. Click Advanced Settings under the Software section
    3. In the dialog that appears click “UserVars” on the left
    4. Change the value of CIMOEMProvidersEnabled to 1
    5. Click OK
    6. Restart the Management Agents from the ESXi console, or restart the ESXi server. This can be done in the VIC. Right click the Host and select Restart.


Installing OpenManage Managed Node ver. 6.1 on a Windows Machine

  1. Download OpenManage Server Administrator Managed Node version 6.1 from Dell’s support site (not the OpenManage Server Administrator Web Services under the ESXi downloads)
  2. On a separate windows machine install OpenManage Server Administrator Managed Node and choose ‘Custom’ install.
  3. When choosing features make sure Server Administrator Web Server is selected (If installing on a desktop it could be the only option).
  4. Once the install is complete, double-click on the server administrator icon.
  5. On the login page Enter the ESXi server ip address, use root for the user, and root password. Make sure to check the option to ignore certificate warnings.
  6. Done! You should be able to access the OpenManage Managed Node Web Interface.


Let me know how it goes.

Chris Hawk

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