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RACADM is already executing message

I am trying to run racadm commands on a RedHat 5 server and I get the message that "RACADM is already exectiing". 


racadm getsysinfo


One Instance of Local RACADM is already executing. Exiting the current session.

I have stop and restarted OMSA and reset the DRAC from the web interface to no avail.  Has anyone else seen this issue and/or offer a solution ?


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Re: RACADM is already executing message

in case someone else stumbles across this issue

rm -rf /var/run/

the location of may vary depending on your flavor of Linux

once this file is removed, racadm commands should work again. it worked for me in all 10 of 10 cases i had. the pid likely got locked by a previously failed racadam command or an unresponsive os or something.

hope this helps!