Setting iDRAC Remotely with Default Information

Hello Ladies & Gents!

First off, I'm new here. Forgive me if I'm posting in the wrong location, I'm not up to speed with all the names Dell has to offer. Here's a little bit of background on what I'm trying to do...

A Former colleague of mine wrote a simple script in PowerShell to change the default IP, Subnet, GW, and power settings by directly connecting a laptop to the server. It used a csv file to match the S/N with the new information. Well, when you're deploying several hundred servers at a time, it's time consuming.

Is it possible to set iDRAC remotely with default information using RACAdmin tools without changing local device information? I thought about a vlan with the default iDRAC IP, SN, and GW. Assign that to a specific port, and connect the laptop from there.

Thoughts / Suggestions? I've got about 2 weeks to finish this. Its not really my field, but I'm doing it for a school project.

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