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iDRAC 9 user name with secure password

Hello Team,

I have issue with iDRAC9 credentials for PowerEdge T140. 
This iDRAC has secure password which is located physically on server. (I have that password) 
I also read dell article about it

But my question is what is the user name for secure password? 
I was not able to found answer in article above and when I tried "root" and secure password it did not work. 

Server is running Windows 2016, and his function is Hyper V server. 
Unfortunately RDP and OMSA are not available and there are Virtual machines running on host. Could someone please share with me user name for iDRAC9 with secure password? 

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Username for secure default password is root only. Someone may change the default password for your iDRAC. You need to have server Operating System access or reboot the server to reset iDRAC root password.

DELL-Shine K

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The "secure password" is an option when you order a poweredge server. Instead of the "calvin" password it gets a random one from the factory which is located on a label when you pull the sticker.
The password can be changed when ever you want and for sure someone have changed the password (i cant remember if on the first login system ask for a pw change like when you have the old "calvin" one).

The username (root) is "hard coded" and cant be change. Its the user in the 2nd. slot of 16 availables.


How to change an unknown idrac pw:

  • Reboot and enter LCC
  • Install "racadm" (comes with OMSA, or separate) in the running OS or copy it from another system. Only the *.exe and a single lib*.dll is needed. Racadm.exe is within the iDracTool VIB for ESXi users as well. For Windows guys it comes with OMSA(OpenManage ServerAdministrator for Windows). IIRC in the past there was a single package also available
  • When executing as a user with administrator rights no pw is needed and the tool communicate through the OS and HW directly with your iDRAC. There is method to set a new password( i post it somewhere here in the forum not long time ago) or you can do a factory reset of your iDRAC and you get the secure password back(but you loose IP and all other settings as well!)


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racadm.exe set iDRAC.Users.2.Password YOURNEWPASSWORDHERE

 Again... just copy the *.exe and single *.dll to c:\temp and open a CMD as administrator and execute racadm.

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