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Dell Venue 8 Pro not charging?

For some unknown reason, my Dell Venue 8 Pro went dead and I was not able to resurrect it by charging the battery.  I assumed the battery was dead and purchased a replacement battery.  I replaced the battery and the plugged the AC adaptor in and charged the new battery.  When I booted the unit to windows, the unit stopped charging the battery.  Based upon information I found on the internet, I disconnected the internal battery cable for twenty minutes and plugged the AC adaptor in and the unit was again successfully charging.  When I booted the unit to windows, again the unit would no longer charge.  I updated the Bios and this did not fix the problem.   So, now the way I need to use the unit once the battery gets low is to (1)  disassemble the plastic cover and disconnect the internal battery connector, (2) wait twenty minutes with the battery disconnected, (3) reconnect the internal battery connector, (4) without booting the unit, plug in the AC adaptor and let the unit charge for a couple of hours, (5) reassemble the plastic cover, and (6) boot the device into windows.  Windows will not let me recover the original settings because windows thinks the unit is not connected to the AC power adaptor.  This is ridiculous!  Does anyone have an idea how to fix this?

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RE: Dell Venue 8 Pro not charging?

Hi snyder6195,

Thank you for writing to Dell Community Forum.

Was there any specific updates done on the system prior to the battery issue?

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