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I purchased a Dell Streak the day they were available at my local Best Buy.  I was very excited about it, and loved the potential the phone offered.

I love my Streak, and many of the features on the phone; however, now, I am very disappointed in the device and cannot believe the troubles I am having with it.

1)  I can only answer a phone call about once every fourth call.  I touch the accept button repeatedly, and it won't answer the phone.  I have attempted to touch every other button on the phone and it doesn't make a difference.

2)  The speaker on the phone is very poor.  It is very difficult to hear when you put the phone on "speaker phone" and it is hard to hear music when you play it. 

3)  The bluetooth connection is even worse because the people you are talking too can't hear you.

4)  I can't believe as advanced as this phone is supposed to be that you cannot organize your photos.  It is organized on the phone by date, but there is no way to set up folders to put pictures in to be able to find them easier.  You can set up all the folders and even move everything into the folders when you are connected to the computer, but when you unplug, the pictures on the phone are right where you left them.

5)  I installed a bunch of ringtones onto my phone, about twenty, of which, one is listed on my phone as being a ringtone.  The rest have been listed as music, and cannot be used as a ringtone.  So you can listen to your ringtones through your poor speaker, but you can't use them as a ringtone!

6)  There is not a carrying case available for the phone!  I know from the initial advertisement that it showed a man with the phone in his pocket.  While that is wonderful for him, not all of us like to carry our phones in our pocket.  I have an old PDA case that almost holds the phone, but nothing else out there does.

7)  I have been too two stores (for my provider) and neither of them have any accessories in stock.  No cables, do docking stations, nothing.  One of the two stores I went too hadn't heard of the phone and asked to see it.  She said they should start carrying that because it was awesome.

😎  If someone sends you a picture in a text, it plays as a video, and as such, you cannot save the picture to your phone.  So when my wife sends me pictures, later that night, if I want a copy to show someone else, I have to attach her phone to my computer and transfer the picture off her phone and then transfer it to my phone to put on my running list of un-organized photos.

9)  I have had repeated troubles with my e-mails not going out.  I can receive an e-mail, open it, and respond to it, all while having full bars on my phone.  But the e-mail doesn't get sent.  I know this is not an e-mail problem because I have more then one type of e-mail coming to my phone and all of them are having issues.

10)  Several times, my phone has locked up and the only way to unlock it is to take the rubber case off, remove the battery, and reset the phone.  This is not an easy thing to do, especially when you are trying to get other things accomplished.

11)  Often times, when typing on the on-screen keyboard, the phone becomes very sluggish and doesn't seem to orient.  You press a letter and a different letter comes up on the screen.

12)  The camera is "supposedly" of better quailty then my last smartphone, and yet, the pictures are much less quality.  The responsiveness of taking the picture is very slow so if you are taking a picture of something that may move, like a child or an animal, chances are you will get a blurry picture because by the time the camera snaps, several seconds later, the subject of your picture has walked away.

I love the idea of my phone, but it seems that it does not have the capacity to do what it claims it can do.  I rely on my phone for business, family, and other organizations to work and communicate with.  So far, this phone has let me down more then any other phone I have ever owned.  This is even more frustrating when you consider that I spent a lot of money on this phone, over $100 more then the other phone I was looking at which has a proven track record for being a business phone.  I feel like I have wasted my money, and now I find myself having to look for other ways to handle my business since I cannot rely on my very expensive phone.


If there is anything you can tell me that might help, I would love some help with this.

Thank you,


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