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Maintenance part # sequences?


Is there a way to tell what product line a maintenance part # covers, only by looking at the number?

So for Unity maintenance, will the maintenance part # include anything to imply it's for Unity only, or are maintenance part #'s shared with other lines (VxRail, for example)?

I've seen maintenance parts with "DD" which implies DataDomain, but I've seen others with no pattern at all.

Any help is appreciated, none of our reps seem to know exactly - thanks!

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Re: Maintenance part # sequences?


A lot of the part numbers are not specific to Unity. Like DAE components, for example.

DPE components would be more specific but even then the same parts are sometimes used in other products if the HW is similar.

So no, there is nothing specific in the TLA part numbers to say they are product specific as far as I am aware.

In any case, I don't understand the question fully. When ordering replacement parts, very specific criteria is normally followed for compatibility purposes. These principles should apply here.

If you are a partner, you should reach out to Dell EMC directly and not over the community forums.


Andre @ Dell EMC

Andre @ Dell EMC
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