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Unity 300 implementation help.


I need help here. I have been implementing quite a number of Dell and previous Dell EMC Clarion boxes.

However, new to the Dell EMC Unity.

I have to implement Unity 300 with below specifications:

Can you help me the best way to configure this? Should I create RAID groups separately out of Spinning and SSD disks?

Or, do I consider creating one big pool among all these disks?

How to configure Fast Cache?

One more info, The servers going to connect this Unity storage are IBM P7 running AIX 7.1. They are currently connected to Dell Compellent SC4020 storage which I implemented a couple of years back. Dure to performance issues in the current storage (which is due to the disks installed in them) customer is changing to Unity 300.

I would appreciate your help, please. Thanks in advance!

Unity 300.jpg

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