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RDF Director Max % Busy and IO/sec not balanced


We have a VMAX40k which got installed a couple of years ago. It was originally setup to have 4 RA ports (7H0, 8H0, 9H0 and 10H). We then added 4 more RA ports (5H0, 6H0, 11H0 and 12H0) so there are now a total of 8 RA ports.

We noticed from Unisphere Performance that if you choose the the "Max" Busy % and IO/sec on a "Director" the ports (7H0, 8H0, 9H0 and 10H) and (5H0, 6H0, 11H0 and 12H0). (7H0, 8H0, 9H0 and 10H) are higher than (5H0, 6H0, 11H0 and 12H0). "Average" Busy % and IO/sec are all balanced though.

RA Configuration and FC ports for all 16 ports (8 ports in R1 and 8 ports in R2) are all identical.

vmaxbusymax.jpg vmaxiopsmax.jpg

Has anyone seen this behaviour?



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Re: RDF Director Max % Busy and IO/sec not balanced

Interesting question. Are those RE ports having same port speed? And are same cache size Engines configured? syscall statistics same for all RFs? thanks.

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