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VMAX FAST VP - Operational Showback


IHAC with three 4 FAST polices, Platinum (EFD & FC), Gold (EFD, FC & SATA), Silver (FC & SATA) and Bronze (SATA Only).

They charge back the relevant business units per TB of each tier selection they require. I have been asked how to streamline this and showcase the benefits of these tiers back to the business. What they want to achieve is a rough guideline so their application teams can pick a service policy and know the performance limits of this.

Any ideas of how anyone would go about this? Would you simply do something as rudimentary as looking at the FAST policies and calculating from the available disk how much potential IOPS they could reach? Or something more scientific?

It seems to be a re occurring question surrounding FAST VP and how an IT department can categorise what goes where, so they follow the normal bind to FC tier and let FAST VP do the rest, but they are concerned there may be applications that could be put in Bronze and some that may need to be moved up.

Any knowledge, stories all welcome.


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