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Adding new hyper-v host to cluster - iscsi storage

I am adding a new hyper-v 2012 r2 host to the existing cluster. the storage is on iscsi using multiple paths. I have the new host configured with all the hyper-v stuff installed and all the networking set up the same way as the other hosts already in the cluster. the only thing left is adding the iscsi storage - we use csv on the cluster --- my question is - do I configure the host on the vnx side first - by going to hosts-initiators and create the entries there then go back to the host and iscsi initiator-discovery - and discover portal,  then add the host to the cluster?  or do I add the host first to the cluster then add the storage? - obviously I wont run the validation wizard after I have added the host and configured the storage on vnx first then on host.

not sure which way would is the safest one -- my thought is if I configure the storage before adding the host to the cluster, this may cause issues with the running cluster trying to r/w to the independent host disks -- maybe I am overthinking this process -- but I don't want to create any issues with the existing cluster.

does it really make any difference if storage is added before or after joining a new host to existing cluster?

thank you

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Re: Adding new hyper-v host to cluster - iscsi storage

For the new server to see the same storage from the array as the other servers in the cluster, you would need to add the host to the Storage Group on the array that the other hosts are in. That should allow the new host to see the same storage (LUN's).


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