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Erasing Data when decomissioning VNX

Hi Guys,

We are planning on decommissioning a couple of our VNX storage arrays as wel have replaced them with Unity storage.

As part of the decommission, we need to "erase" the data on the disks (or make sure it cannot be accessed after decommissioning)

Apart from physically destroying the disks, I (think) I know of 3 other options:

1. Randomly mixing the disks in the DAE's to break all RAID sets and pools (we have more than one pool in the arrays) or even mixing drives across arrays.

2. I've seen some commands that can be run to write zeros to the disks, however, it doesn't look like it replaces any data,

3. I've also seen suggestions for buying EMC disk erase services

Are there any other reliable options?

Thank you

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Re: Erasing Data when decomissioning VNX

The question is do you Need a certified data erasure or you just want to  make sure there is no usable data on it.

If you Need a certified erasure contact emc sales and ask for a quote.

If you just want to make shure that the dat is unusable. Create a new pool and luns . Attach one Server to the Array, assign the lun to it and then run any Kind of open source erasure tool . Afterwards you can just delte the luns and pools.

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